Kara Prescott | 29 | Firefighter/EMT

TWD Indie OC

Paramedics brave and strong
Up before the break of dawn
Putting poker faces on

Status: 2 & 1/2 months pregnant with Gregory Adebay's child

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"Who did this to you?" {senpai notice me}


             A soft sigh left the teenager. He didn’t really want to speak about the mark on his face, so he wouldn’t go into details.

                    “… A stranger, I didn’t know him.”

A brow rose in curiosity.  "Will you at least let me clean it? Could get infected." As always, she felt obligated to help in any way she could.One of these days that can-do attitude was really going to bite her in the ass.

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basically if i’ve followed you I admire you rping abilities and would like to plot with you but my social anxiety would never allow me to go to your ask box to ask hahahahahahahha 

pls love me

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what are kara's TRUE feelings towards gregory, not just "complicated"

rae go away im not gonna answer this 

just reply to kara already 

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When you and a friend make plots that make muses suffer:


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The Other Wife || Gregory & Kara


Gregory was surprised that Kara was caressing his hand, and even more surprised that she stopped in her track altogether. He felt his mouth droop in to a pitiful frown as she let go of his hand, which once again — surprised him. As he listened patiently to Kara decide on their child’s name, he couldn’t help but notice the way her nose curved, and the way her blonde hair didn’t look too bad greasy and unwashed, and how she had extremely faint freckles — most likely sunspots — on her cheeks, and how her voice always sounded slightly agitated, and how she was almost his height, and how he could hear the small breaths she took in between each pause of her sentences, and how she stood so close to him, and —-

"No," he said softly. Gregory’s smile returned, and he tried everything in his power from taking her hand again. "Faith,” Gregory breathed. “Adella Faith Marie Prescott-Adebay. Samuel Faith Evertt Prescott-Adebay.”

He couldn’t help it, and took both her hands shakily.

"Faith because its our miracle baby. Not because you were skeptical at first, and not because I’ve been so obsessive over it that I still haven’t figured why you’ve not ended me." Gregory chuckled softly. "But because it’s growing up in this world, Kara. With so much death. And it is so full of life.” He knew he must have sounded sappy, but Gregory couldn’t help it. He’d always said more than he should have.

Looking down at Kara and not letting go of her hands, he allowed several moments of blissful silence to elapse. The sound of an occasional squirrel emerged from the bushes, but besides that it was absolute silence.

Finally, Gregory cleared his throat and whined, “But Everrt?” And then chuckled again playfully.

She smiled sweetly, slightly embarrassed by the intensity of his gaze towards her. “You wanna give this kid a middle name like ‘Faith’ and yet you laugh at my choice? I mean, I know there’s not going to be many other kids around to pick on him, but I still don’t think that’s the best idea you’ve ever had.” She chuckled back, shaking her head. 

Feeling a sudden wetness on her upper lip, Kara wiped a gentle finger under her nose to see what was happening. “Oh shit.” She murmured, taking the finger away to revel a few drops of blood. In the seconds that followed, the bloodflow increased steadily and began pouring from her right nostril. She quickly cupped her nose with her hands looking at Gregory for some sort of assistance. 

Greg, please a rag, anything.” Her tone was more annoyed than anything. Blood never made her uneasy as it did to most, in fact the sight was so familiar that the only effect it had on her was to cause her to worry about getting it all over her clothes. 

She wasn’t so sure how Greg would react around the blood, but hoped he would trooper through it anyway. 

Nosebleeds are normal during pregnancy. This is okay. She found herself saying repeatedly. This is okay.

The Other Wife || Gregory & Kara


The last thing Gregory wanted on his mind was comparing his child to Dallas. The man was unprecedentedly judgmental, and Gregory almost despised him as much as Nathan. The only difference was that he knew Dallas had Kara’s betterment in mind, while Nathan was scum that viewed his little sister as a booty call instead of a wife.

Realizing his hand squeezed Kara’s tighter when she mentioned the man’s name, Gregory forced himself to loosen up. He allowed Kara to set the rules of naming the baby, and was honored to know she allowed him to choose first names. Obviously the name Marie had a lot of sentimental value to it, so he wasn’t about to argue otherwise.

"My mother’s name was Janice," he brooded. "An ugly name, if you ask me. Marie is classic. Vintage." His voice was filled with a teasing tone, but his smile let Kara know he was only trying to get a rise out of her. "I love it, Kara. It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful baby."

Going quiet, Gregory began to think about names for both genders. He knew Dallas would hang him if he named it after himself, not that Gregory gave a damn. He didn’t want Kara to think he was too overbearing by suggesting naming a son Gregory, so he decided not to bring it up.

"I like Biblical names," he said. His heart did a flip when he remembered telling Jezebel the same thing.

"You mean he doesn’t have a name?" —- "No. Not yet, anyways." —- "Jez, he needs a name." —- "What do you suggest? Really, I want to know. Any ideas?" —- "I like Biblical names."

His face had gone white, but Gregory forced himself to talk through it. “Aaron. Jeremiah. Noah. Samuel.” He refused to look at Kara as he spoke; afraid his sudden panic attack would make him burst in to tears. “And for girls there’s always Leia. Susannah. Rebekah. Keziah. But I also like the really fancy girl names that aren’t religious. Lisabeth and Annabelle are really cute.” He continued to think of other unique names Kara might take interest in.

Jennette, Holland, Diana, Adella, Francine…

Kara noted Greg clenching her hand, but was unsure what the hell was causing it. She frowned slightly, but he quickly eased back and she decided it was of no current importance. 

She pursed her lips, about to disagree with his opinion of his own mother’s name when he began praising the name she had offered. A nostalgic smile spread across her face. “That was her alright. She was wonderful.” Once again she found herself saddened, but this time it was the thought that her child would never know its grandmother, or vice-versa. 

"We would have been such a big family. It would have been nice." She said quietly. Noting Gregory’s sudden anxiety, she squeezed his hand hard, before gently rubbing it with her thumb to calm him as they walked. After a moment she stopped walking, turning to him. Wanting to say something about Jezerbel to comfort him, but as usual at a loss for comforting words, she instead said, "I like Samuel. Sammy.  And for a girl, Adella.”

"Samual Evertt Prescott-Adebay or Adella Marie Prescott-Adebay. Either way, the kid’s name is going to be a mouthful." She offered a small chuckle, hoping that her efforts to bring him back to reality had had some effect. 

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Is Kara capable of falling in love with Gregory?



It’s something that both mun and muse are struggling to decide, honestly. I think it could happen, but whether it actually will or not remains to be seen. 


omg rae go away